The Behaviours Section (DISC)

The DISC profile is available in a number of different versions specifically designed for different applications. The suite includes reports designed for use in recruitment and selection as well as more comprehensive coaching and development reports. Unlike some of the more primitive DISC models, our DISC assessments provide feedback on all four factors to truly capture how we are unique at a behavioural level and avoid pigeonholing people.

The 4 core DISC behaviours measured are: *Dominance – How we respond to problems & challenges.
*Influence – How we respond to people & contact.
*Steadiness – How we respond to pace & consistency.
*Compliance – How we respond to procedures & constraints.

Note: The behaviours section also includes the Behavioural Hierarchy: 8 sub-behavioural tendencies based on the core four.

The Motivator Section

The Workplace Motivators profile is a 14-page report. It takes you a step beyond the standard behavioral assessment to dive deeper into the world of personal values. The 6 core Motivators measured are:

Note: The Workplace Motivators also includes feedback on what a person should try to avoid based on his or her motivators. Our brain-based research confirms that this has a deep subconscious impact on our decision making.