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I'm a HR in the company but I found that the company likes to practice micromanagement, which means we always have to inform and report to managers the details and progress of our work. It kinda gives me a headache. Besides that, management bias and salary & bonus are based on the boss's flavor because it's a family business. So, I decided to attend this course to see what I can do for my company. I'm happy to make this decision and I really enjoyed this HR training class as it gives me a deeper understanding of Human Resources. The contents are relevant and comprehensive. The trainer, Mr Tan, is very knowledgeable and he made the course more fun! I think it is a valuable and trustworthy course, and I really recommend it to those relevant people in the HR department.

Ziehan HR Company

This is an amazing course! I must admit that the course has been conducted very well and interesting. I had total zero knowledge nor experience in HR, but I am interested to learn about HR. In my knowledge, I thought HR is as simple as admin job, boring and just busy with paperwork… But soon after I attended the course, I realized there are a lot of things in HR. Their jobs are not just focused on payrolls, recruiting, monitoring attendance and issuing warning letters, haha! I believe the knowledge that I have learned from this course can help me one day in future. Plus, the course is kind of interesting and interactive, thanks to the team!! Lastly, invest in yourself and gain more knowledge, it’s no harm anyway!

LM Tan Velseng Electronic Service

Great course! I work in a HR department. Before joining the course, I had no idea how to set the proper KPI. So, I attended quite a few KPI courses but when it comes to the implementation step, it usually doesn’t really work. Until I attended the course by TKM Talent Hub, I learned the proper setting of KPI and the way of measurement. I feel thankful for the team and Mr Tan, the trainer who really helped me a lot to gain the in-depth understanding of HR in this course. They also provide useful templates and guidance so I can apply them in my workplace straight away. Overall, it was a pleasant experience!

Amy Ooi Akina Tyre Sdn Bhd

我是新手HR!刚开始去上班的时候我都会觉得很焦虑,有太多的事情要处理,我完全没有头绪。上了课以后才知道有很多问题都可以用很简单的方式去解决。而且基于课程都是based on真实案例,听到很多问题的时候都很感同身受,才知道原来HR可以那么轻松简单!我很庆幸导师的教课方式是非常生动,可以让我们设身处地的去感受不同状况的问题,希望你们过后可以Develop 刚多的课程让我们参加,加油!

Evelyn Teo Asia Clad Service

I am an owner who just started a company. Before this, I didn't know there was such a thing called “HR TRAINING COURSE”. As an owner, I care about my business, but my employees are also very important. So, I decided to give it a try, to learn more about HR management so that I can provide better employee welfare. In my point of view, this course is suitable for companies like us which have low structure, unclear direction and positioning and lack of measurement. I learned more than I had expected in this course. I will try to apply them in my company. Besides that, I looked for Mr Tan for a one-to-one session after class. I can see he really put in efforts to enhance my understanding and provide good advice. I had a very good learning experience with him, and I found this course is well-structured and meaningful. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work!

Wendy Foo OM Space Academy


Calvin Yeo Zen & Co Group of Companies


Lynn Ch'ng Globelink Container Line (M) Sdn Bhd

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no Kok Meng is a great coach who help me to change my lifestyle and team culture from impossible to possible as he has a lot life experienced that inspired me

Rosen Group Head of Project

After attended this training with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer, handling objection when come to selling is no long an obstacle to me

Teow Soon Huat Sales Team